What are CFDs?

CFD (contract for difference) is a derivative investment instrument that is famous for its flexibility and convenience for traders. With CFDs traders can trade both on ups and downs of prices of such global markets as forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies with no need to actually buy or sell any underlying assets. So how can one do that? All you need to do is to choose an asset you want to trade with and open a long or short position, depending on a predicted direction of the price. Opening a long position means BUY and opening a short one is SELL. When trading CFDs you can profit both when the price of an asset goes up and down.


Being a marginal form of trading CFDs allow you to increase the return on your investments. Simply put, when you trade an asset with CFD, you do not have to invest the complete value of this asset.

For example:

You want to trade Gold because based on your fundamental and technical analysis its price is about to go down. You open a short (SELL) position for $200 on 10 ounces of Gold at $1,000 per ounce (the bid price), and you use x100 leverage to increase your market exposure.
Therefore: 10 x $1,000 = $10,000
The price of Gold falls for $30. You manually close the position and earn:
$30 x 10 (ounces) = $300
Your profit is $300

Trading CFDs with us gives the following advantages:

Our platform is designed to provide a safe, comfortable and easy conditions for trading. There are many reasons that bring people to this type of market, but we offer competitive and fixed spreads, that allow to experience investment process to the full while reducing the investment costs. We have no commissions or hidden fees and charges in order to provide you the high-grade trading environment.

  1. Experience leverage: Make much more effective investment with up to 200:1 leverage on our state-of-the-art trading platform
  2. Flexibility: Profit both from rising and falling trends with “BUY” and “SELL” positions.
  3. Effective Risk Management: Use Stop Loss, Take Profit and Order Entry tools to minimize trading risks and leave your open positions unattended.
  4. Continually volatile market: The outstanding liquidity of the Forex market guarantees solid pricing regardless of market volumes. Thus, you can easily profit with the tightest spreads.
  5. Fast and secure deposits and withdrawals: enjoy the wide range of safe and secure methods for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Who can trade CFDs?

CFD trading is available to everyone interested in buying and selling underlying assets with profit. CFD trading offers much more active and dynamic way to profit on all financial markets from the constant fluctuations of assets prices and currencies exchange rates that effect all the global markets. We offer our traders a quick and easy access to the market via our intuitive trading platform, so you can trade with no financial background or skills.


With our complete guide for beginners everyone can start trading CFDs and profit.

  1. Open a new trading account
  2. Practice trading in a risk-free environment with a demo account
  3. Deposit funds
  4. Learn the effective trading strategies in our Education center
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It is really simple to start trading with IQProFX. Deposit $250 or more to your account and get the instant access to financial markets.

  1. Open a new trading account
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Get the access to financial markets
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